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Getting Your Utah License

The step by step guide

Five Easy Steps to Getting Your Utah Driver's License

So you’re ready to get your license. This guide will take you through the five easy steps you need to take to get your Utah driver’s license.

Once you reach the age of 16 and you have carried your learner permit for 6 months you are ready to obtain your Utah driver license you’re ready to begin your Utah driver’s education.

Step 1: Sign up and complete a course in driver education

Step 2: Sign up and complete 3 in-car driving instructions

Step 3: Take and pass the mandatory state proctored exam.

  • Online students must take the proctored exam with us.
  • All students must take the Traffic Safety and Trends Exam on the DMV website. You can access that exam here: THIS EXAM MUST BE TAKEN AT ANY TIME BEFORE YOU PHYSICALLY VISIT THE DMV/DLD TO GET YOUR LICENSE.

Step 4: Take and pass the mandatory state driving exam.
You have three options for completing your driving skills test.

  • We can also recommend to you a certified third party road testers if you would like to use them instead of the D.L.D. We are not allowed to road test our own students.
  • You can take the driving test at the Driver License Office where you plan to complete your license, but you must make an appointment for the test ahead of time
  • You can complete the driving test through your driver education class at your high school

Step 5: The final step, getting your license! Schedule an appointment for your visit or walk-in at a driver license office

  • If you scheduled an appointment online, bring the printed driver license application.
  • If you plan to walk-in you can complete the application in the office or complete this online application ahead of time and bring with you.
  • Photo will be taken.
  • Provide learner permit.
  • Pass the vision test.
  • Complete the medical questionnaire.
  • Parent/legal guardian sign off on 40 hours of practice driving (10 hours at night).
  • Take and pass the written and driving tests if you have not already.

Additional Important Information

  • At any time the parent or legal guardian who signed for financial responsibility on the minor’s application can choose to withdraw their signature until the minor is 18 years of age, and for any reason. This action would invalidate the driver license and the minor could reapply when they reach the age of 18, or if the parent/legal guardian signed a new application. There would be a licensing fee and written test to reapply.
  • Be sure to understand the requirements/restrictions that are in place for the minor driver at certain ages.
  • When requirements have been met for a driver license, you will receive a temporary photo license on the same day and the completed license will be mailed to you in approximately 4-6 weeks.

That’s it! Five easy steps and you have your Utah drivers license!

The Nine Day Classroom Driver's Ed Course

Wright Driving School offers Utah driver’s education classes to those who are 15 years of age or older. A learner’s permit is not required to start the classes. Wright Driving School offers combined classroom and driving instruction required by the State of Utah. We also offer driving instruction for those individuals who choose to take the online drivers ed course. Wright Driving School is accredited and approved through the state of Utah.

Wright Driving School driver’s education program includes a 9 Day Classroom Course with 3 in-car driving instructions. Classes are held at various locations.

The price for our driver’s education program is only $275 per student.

Sign Up Now

Online Utah Driver's Ed Course

The Utah driver’s ed online course offers students a fast, convenient, and easy way to satisfy the driver’s education classroom requirement. You can also book your mandatory state drives with us for $225.

This course only costs $50.

Register for the Online Course
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