9 Day Classroom Course

Complete your driver’s education requirement with our in-person 9 day classroom course and 3 in-car driving sessions


About 9 Day Classroom Course

Wright Driving School offers Utah driver’s education classes to those who are 15 years of age or older. A learner’s permit is not required to start the classes. Wright Driving School offers combined classroom and driving instruction required by the State of Utah. Wright Driving School is accredited and approved through the state of Utah.

Here are the steps to get your license through this package:

Step 1 Sign up for our classroom course package

Receive the classroom course and three driving sessions

Step 2Complete the classroom course and three driving sessions

Our in-car driving sessions will help you become a safe and experienced driver. You must have your learner's permit prior to your first drive.

Step 3Schedule and pass your proctored exam.

Additionally All students must take the Traffic Safety and Trends Exam on the DMV website. You must sign-up for an account on their website in order to take the exam

Step 4Take and pass the mandatory road test.

Take the road test with our recommended 3rd party tester, NDJ Services, or one of your choice

Step 5Schedule an appointment for your visit at the DMV.

Text or use our online chat to verify all of your requirements are complete and updated prior to visiting the DMV

Our in-class driver’s education program includes:

9 consecutive days of classroom courses (Except weekends & holidays) held at various locations around the greater Salt Lake valley.

3 in-car driving instructions

Classes from 3:30-5:30 p.m.


Register for the classroom course and see the available classes below using our secure registration portal.

Why Choose Wright Driving School

Best Prices

With Wright Driving School you can complete your full Utah driver’s ed requirements under one roof for just $475 . This price includes the online course, 3 driving sessions and the proctored exam.


Student’s love our classroom course. Conveniently located at many high schools and academies around the Salt Lake Valley, starting right after school ends.

State Certified

Our classroom course is certified and accredited by the state of Utah. Wright Driving School’s Driver’s Ed Classroom course allows students to fulfill the classroom education requirement.

About Wright Driving School

For over 10 years, Wright Driving School has been Utah’s leader in preparing drivers to successfully pass the DLD Test and obtain their license to drive. We primarily offer driver’s education courses online, in-class and on the road. Wright Driving School offers the driving instruction required of the state of Utah.

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