Adult Driver's License Requirements

For Adults 19 and older, Utah state law states:

"You have two (2) options when applying for your first original Utah driver license when age 19 and older:

Complete a driver education course and complete at least 40 hours of practice driving (10 hours must be at night); or

Do not complete a driver education course; carry a learner permit for 90 days; and complete at least 40 hours of practice driving (10 hours must be at night.)"

If you would like to skip the 90 day permit wait period and complete driver’s ed, please continue reading:


  • Have active Utah learner permit
  • Already have 40 hours of driving practice on your own (know how to safely and effectively navigate a vehicle!). The purpose is to ensure the safety of you and the instructor
  • Must complete 30 hours online course or 9 day in person classroom course before you can participate in the three behind the wheel driving sessions
    • Schedule 3 behind the wheel driving lessons demonstrating you can execute standard driving maneuvers, drive on the highway/freeway.
    • Schedule and pass road skills test with certified 3rd party tester or DMV
  • Schedule DMV appointment to get drivers license

Need more driving practice?! Looking to get more driving hours?!

Private Driving Practice: Does not qualify as state certified drivers ed to waive the 90 day permit period

  • Ages 15+ must have active Utah learner permit
  • $80 per hour or $150 per two hour session
  • Focus on basic driving skills and navigation, steering, pedals, lane changes, turns, basic maneuvering
  • Message in via chat or text 385-999-2424 with your availability, resident location and total sessions request. *Note this is practice only, this is not part of the state certified program to bypass the 90 day permit waiting period for adults 19+*

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