American Academy of Innovation

Enroll in Local In-Class Driver's Ed at

South Jordan, Utah

The State of Utah requires 27 hours of high school classroom instruction, or 18 hours of commercial/private schools.

American Academy of Innovation invites Wright Driving School to provide private lessons in their building after normal school hours. teaching a 9-lesson course for 9 consecutive days (excluding weekends and holidays.) Included in this program is behind wheel instructions for students. Students will need to schedule in-car driving separate from the classroom instructions

Wright Driving School Package

Classroom Driver's Education

& In-car Instructions


Per Student

  • 9 Consecutive days of classroom courses at American Academy of Innovation
  • 3 In-car driving instructions
  • Classes from 3:30-5:30PM

Note: Proxy exam and road tests need to be scheduled

separately once the drivers education program is complete

Additional charges may apply

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For over 10 years, Wright Driving School has been Utah’s leader in preparing drivers to successfully pass the DLD Test and obtain their license to drive. We primarily offer driver’s education courses online, in-class and on the road. Wright Driving School offers the driving instruction required of the state of Utah.

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